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MaggiezDiary: Same Script, Different Cast 2

The trip turned out to be longer than I had thought it would be. I am not really sure if it was my mind playing tricks on me as I just couldn’t wait to be with my beloved or if the driver was just practicing the tortoise pattern.

 Either way, exactly eight hours later we finally arrived Berger, Lagos state, Nigeria. I have never been a fan of the city; to me it was just one small piece of land surrounded by water and choked by about 30 million people, too many people in one small space, I guess that’s why anything is possible there, you could be anything and anyone at any point in time.

No one cared and no one wanted to know. Well, for a small town girl like me, I wouldn’t trade my peace, serenity, and space for anything in the world. The fact that I can wake up in the morning with a clear mind and return home after the day’s activities without practically spending half of the night in a hellish traffic jam was heaven to me.

 But somehow here I was, standing under “Berger bridge”, bus conductors all screaming at the top of their voices at the same time, actually saying nothing I could personally understand, the roads were blocked by people and motorists, everybody was in a hurry, to where exactly??? Magdalene had no idea. This was the practical definition of chaos.

How do people live and survive in such conditions.? And please let’s not forget that the greatest mistake you can ever make is asking a Lagosian for directions… lol.. No! am serious….. Don’t ever try it!!! Well, three hours later I finally made my way “home”.

 Boo had jobs to finish so he had been caught up in the studio all day and was just stepping out of the car when I walked into the gate. We ran into each other’s arms held up in an embrace that can only be defined as “it has been too long”. Truly it seemed like forever.

The last time we saw each other he had visited me in the East when we came out of NYSC camp, he had stayed only four days ……it was not just enough……and now I realized that in spending time with someone special even an eternity is never enough.

His touch brought me back to present, as he ran his fingers through my long weave and back up my ear ” you made it…I didn’t think you would” he said, smiling into my face….hmmm I was too tired to speak and so on my toes, I stood and placed a kiss on his neck as I held on tighter, he reciprocated by tightening his grip and hungrily sorting after the one thing he could savor….


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