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MaggiezDiary: The Deliverance: My Mountain Experience 2

Don’t get me wrong this was hilarious! Deliverance really??? Have I gotten to that point? I mean did I mention I am a worshiper? Yes, I am…. I do have a close personal relationship with Jesus and a more personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.

I feel him, I hear him, I carry him around. Yes, I may not be perfect according to the world standard but whenever I lift up my hands in worship miracles happen…yes, there have been testimonies, but I guess it was one of those trying times when one feels so disconnected and far away from your source.

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But this trip was a wake-up call. And so here I was cuddled up in the back seat of dad’s highlander, my mom on the passenger seat as she carefully studied her husband as he was dishing out orders and instructions. I admired her patience and perseverance.

Well dad was pissed I hadn’t gotten the white robe as instructed and as he kept going on and on….I saw it…what he feared the most…He had given it away, the fact that his little girl had grown up and developed a mind of her own and wouldn’t do anything out of fear  but it wasn’t just about me he had specifically pointed out…it was about the entire family, so many things were not right, yes I know…he had a point and at that moment I felt sorry….he means well I know but not this way.

And looking out the car….here we were! The Deliverance Ministry. Now this has nothing to do with my strong sense of observation but I didn’t need anything to tell me we shouldn’t be here, from the entrance of the close which was water logged to the raggedly dressed women sitting in front of the batcher which served as a toll gate; collecting entrance fee of ₦5000 each and consultation or personal counselling fee of ₦17,000 each, lodging and accommodation ₦20,000.

For a night, and oh did I mention it’s supposed to be a five days exercise?!! What? I just couldn’t process this! Or was it the fact that there were thousands of people trooping in, queuing up and even fighting over positions in line. There was no way I was doing this!!! No way am going in there!!! Omg!!! Who has bewitched my folks? Talk about hypnotism!! Because I know on a normal day my dad smells things like this from a mile away.

What was going on????. I really don’t know where it came from but I couldn’t control it, I burst out in laughter…. It was awkward yes! I was treading on quick sand yes! But who would be able to resist the irony in a place like this; I was still rolling in laughter when my mom walked up to me…held my hands as she looked into my eyes…she whispered… “for my sake baby…please…for my sake”

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