The older the better??? : Why We Like Them Older

Age is just a number?? I don’t think so. Actually, I strongly disagree. It Is true that wisdom Is not a product of age but it can strongly be argued that maturity is with the exception of a peculiar few. King Solomon had wisdom because as a boy he was taught what to ask and crave for. Even as a boy he was already full of wisdom. How else would he have been able to manage a thousand women?

You see, the thing with men of these days is they are not done being trained or even trained at all before they start looking for who to harbor. They listen more to their agro than their minds. They don’t know to ask questions or even the kind of questions to ask. This can be fun and at the same time annoying. But at the end of the day, no mature woman wishes to be stuck with an immature man.

Before we get to the matter of the day, let me explicitly point out that insecurity and immaturity are not always a factor of age. I have met men in their late 30’s and early 40’s who’s character display Is nothing to write home about, vice versa.

Today we will be looking at the reasons girls prefer older men anyways. Because it is a given that we do prefer older men. Not necessarily the sugar-daddy kinda older, but even THAT suffices sometimes. Lol. One of the primary reason is embedded in psychology, this attraction basically develops when a girl grows up without a father or have what we call daddy issues. So what is it exactly that the older male possesses that the under 30’s male lack???

Let’s get right to it.

• Confidence: You see, the older a man is, the more likely it is that he has seen it all, and has been over the insecurity stage. Yes, this is a very annoying stage, an insecure man Is not attractive at all, the obsession and controlling stage is just plain repulsive. An older man has discovered and defined himself and with this comes a strong sense of knowing who he is and what he wants.

• Knowledgeable: Older men are mostly vast in knowledge, at least they know a little about everything. And women find that quite endearing. A man who can teach you something about anything at all.

• Communication: an older man with his years of experience have come to fully understand the essence of good communication. A man who is not going to blank on you or shy away when things get heated up. This kind of man is priceless.

• Established And Sophisticated: with age and experience on his side, the older male has learned and established relationships and high contacts that sometimes can take you places. He has discovered what works for him in fashion and style and therefore has established a signature style. Yes! We love men with good sense of style.

• Sexy and Extremely good in Bed: so with all the years of experience, most men start as young as 14-16, so the older they get, the better they become. They have come to learn what works for different kind of women and what doesn’t. the older guy is no longer in a hurry to spit it out, he’s about your pleasure and needs now. This isn’t all inclusive though. Lol, this is because while some men get better with age, some others just get weaker.

• Not obsessed or Stuck with You: Yes we love a man who can express his emotions but has 100% control over them. We cherish it when he tells us just how much he craves our presence not just our bodies. But still, we like it more when a man can give us space to breathe with the confidence he’s not off chasing some other babe. Or stalking you in the guise of chasing away other guys. The peace of mind that comes with knowing he’s got a life, a job, a business, nothing can easily excite him or impress him, this feeling is just priceless.

to be continued………

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