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Statement Pieces: Rocking The off-Shoulder Trend

Nothing screams sophistication and glamor like the timeless off-shoulder style.
The comfortable and sexy appeal cannot be over-emphasized, yes, you do need to be naturally confident in your own skin to be able to rock this trend.

The off-shoulder trend comes in different styles, from simple and classy blouses, simple and sophisticated dresses, the maxi gowns and the dinner and wedding gowns. It is a hands-on easy to make the style that even your local designer could fix.

But the challenge is how to wear it when to wear it and with what kind of embellishments or accessories. Off-shoulders are easy to style no matter the occasion; usually, it doesn’t require too many accessories but since the idea is to make a statement and leave an impression, allow us to show you “THE HOWS”

Below are some optics inspirations:

This is the perfect definition of comfort in style, I know you would agree with this off-shoulder floral maxi dress for a downplayed but classy look. YES PLEASE!

If you are a slayer, then everyday looks matter, because looking good is not just good business but a lifestyle.

We did tell you it is about making a statement and leaving an impression. And if this gorgeous white pieces above don’t make you the center of attraction in that meeting/event, we don’t know what will. Off Shoulder greatness.

Now, you know you can rock the off-shoulder in any fabric and better still on denim/pants, not forgetting the right footwear. Never underestimate the power of awesome shoes. What else defines simple and classy as these?? lol… yeah we thought so too….

Who said you are not allowed to steal the show?? Sometimes you just can’t help being fabulous, let your style shine so bright with this hot off-shoulder trend.
The most amazing thing about this style is you can do so much with less. Fewer accessories and less or no embellishment at all. So go ahead….shine…..

Yes! It is as easy as it looks, no complications no long story. Creating a personal style and being comfortable in it should be that easy with the off-shoulder trend. It could be a beach wear, a simple evening outfit or a leisure walk piece. In fashion, there’s never too much or too less.

TIPS: How To Pick Out Fabric For The Off-Shoulder Trend:

  •   Good quality Ankara and  Soft lace:

Good quality Ankara and soft lace are not only accessible and affordable but also very easy to work with in designing the off-shoulder style.

  • Silk: 

Silk is a lightweight, delicate fabric that drapes well. It has a slightly shimmery appearance. Silk can be slippery and more difficult to work with but very good for an off-shoulder top or blouse, it also makes a great lining fabric.

  • Satin: 

Satin can vary from lightweight to heavyweight, depending on the type of satin. Like silk, it has a glossy appearance. And you will need some extra elastic for the finishing in order to achieve the off-shoulder style.

  • 100% Cotton Material

Cotton is a lightweight, semi-sheer fabric with a great drape. This natural quality makes it easy to achieve the needed comfort in wearing an off-shoulder style.

  •  Chiffon:
 Chiffon is a smooth, lightweight fabric. It drapes well and provides the essence in achieving a perfect finish when aiming for an off-shoulder maxi dress or jumpsuit.

  •  Knit:
 In the knit fabric category, there are several types of knits, varying from lightweight to medium weight. Knit fabric is your go-to for any garment that needs to have a great deal of stretch. Patterns are designed for either woven fabric or knit fabric, and patterns sized for knit fabric will often specify the degree of stretch needed in the fabric. This is a huge advantage for the off-shoulder style. 

  • Linen: 
Linen is a medium-weight fabric with little elasticity (hence the wrinkles). But it conducts heat very well, which is why it’s a popular choice for warm-weather anything. Perfect weather for the off-shoulder trend. 
 This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these fabric types are a good place to start when shopping for fabric for the off-shoulder style.

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