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The Deliverance : My Mountain Experience 3

So here we are; it didn’t matter what I felt or thought, I was going to have to go through the entire process. Well, I don`t have a problem with prayers and fasting….only this came with a different package. I mean…the rigorousity, intensity and gesticulations were terrible.

 I am pretty sure this isn’t what the bible meant when it said that the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent takes it by force. It was just day two and I was already on serious pain killers yet my neck hurts like hell from swinging it side by side in tune with the prayer points and instructions to do a particular thing as you recited the prayer…don’t laugh…please don’t!!!.

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I wish I could explain it better so you understand me better. Well at first I tried not to follow the instructions but the subsequent looks from dad didn’t give me much of a choice. Poor guy he desperately wanted his baby girl back. My knees were bruised, my arms felt like I have been lifting bags of sand for days, I was starving because the food sold around was terrible, my saving grace was biscuits and my system was beginning to revolt to the junks.

Oh yes! sleep had become a stranger, there was practically no sleep. I mean how can one sleep in a warfront? It was constant sending of holy ghost fire and brimstones to scatter only God knows what lol ….and it turns out whatever it is they were fighting….never dies; Is this what we paid money for?? It was unbelievable!!! I was still trying to nurse myself some sleep when dad walked into the room with a white robe hanging from one hand….oh gwad! It was time for the mountain!

 Wednesday 7:30. I slowly stepped into the shower, a thousand and one thoughts ran through my mind as the water ran through every part of my body from my hair making it’s way down to my soul, yea it wasn’t supposed to touch my hair….but I was too exhausted not to have some cooling up there; I had to come to terms with the reality of the situation I was in, talking myself into it wasn’t helping much.

I am a self-motivator and so I pulled out my wildest card. 9:15 up on the hypothetical mountain…yea you heard me right because it was just a space of land in some thick forest that has been recently cleared for this purpose, there were swamps, logged water in mud, very tall trees; yes this was a dangerous forest but then I swallowed all the troubling questions struggling for space in my mind.

The prayer coordinator had already started and of course, the first point was scattering all the marine spirits and foundational powers, this never ceased to amaze me because it seems this spirits never die. 30 minutes later a very tall, dark and bearded man dressed in an equally white robe appeared from…

well, I am not entirely sure where he came out from but he was sure a good looking man and in a matter of seconds we realized he was the prophet as the prophecies started rolling around…the surprised looks, the affirmations, and exclamations…the prophesy confirmations…

 I was still engrossed in the drama when someone shoved me from behind into the circle….and as the prophet opened his mouth?…That moment I knew we were all going to deeply regret this adventure…….

     ……….2Be Continued…..

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