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The Expensive Girl: A Closer Look

This one is for the Divas, and slay queens. As we all know, after every year’s SSCE a new set of slay queens are released into the market…Lol. No on a serious note, this piece is for every girl and lady out there, let’s have a closer look at who we are, what we are doing and the kind of example we are setting for the younger ones.

 As a girl above 25, you may think no one is looking up to you, you may think you are nobody’s role model just because you don’t have the ideal job, car, house, or not married to an influential man yet. This is a wrong way of thinking. Every woman as a matter of gender is a role model.

The question is how do you model your life? In what ways and what manner? With the rate at which materialism is being objectified by the society, as girls it is true we have all the reasons to do the wrong things just to belong to the “slay queen” and “diva” category.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about being petty. I believe in class, sophistication, and access, I believe in working and earning what I desire. I also believe “SEXY” is NOT a COMPLIMENT. From time immemorial we have come to know that there are two types of women, the cheap girl, and the expensive girl. Now, let’s take a look at what makes a girl cheap and what makes an expensive girl.

Brazilian Hair and Peruvian Hair. 

Why must I start with hair?? Lol if you are not from the stone age you would know why. Now, according to popular beliefs, if a girl doesn’t wear human hair extensions, always wearing false lashes and pointed acrylic nails, she is cheap.

 On the other hand, the expensive girl is allowed to not have any self-worth or value for her womanhood, she is allowed to jump from one hotel room to another, posing and snap chatting in exotic cars, she has to keep up the appearance.

 For everything we do, there is always a price to pay for it. She may not catch AIDS but who says she can’t be collateral damage or a victim of ritual practices?? Remember, without a net or a worm and a bait you can’t catch a fish.

 As a lady what exactly excites you? What are you crazy about? Is it your vision, your passion, your purpose?…or do you just wave your well-manicured fingers believing your looks are your ticket to the life you desire?….WRONG!!! You may want to reevaluate things now.

Wardrobe And Gadgets 

Presently it is believed that the more expensive phones and tabs you carry the more expensive you are…well, that’s wrong. During the course of our research, we found out that the iPhone 7Plus and Huawei P9 plus Porsche Design carrying chick is the one with zero bank balance and no form of investment at all….so you ask how could she afford the iPhone?

Of course, a girl has her ways, after all she’s permitted to slay on. Now, this is not an all-inclusive finding. There are exceptions but alarmingly very few. The mindset of stocking the wardrobe with various labels of designer clothes, Victoria secret panties, expensive colognes and red bottom shoes, while planning to spend the next holiday/weekend at an exotic destination, most of us prefer Dubai lol…is exclusively propagated by everything we see, hear and touch. It is the slaying era.


 When we say makeup, it is not what you think, we are not about to talk about MAC powders or Zara liners. No! On the contrary, it is safer to wear quality cosmetics or don’t wear at all. You don’t have to sell your soul while trying to get in line though. It is not mandatory.

The true worth of a woman is not in how well she has bleached her skin; contrary to popular opinion bleaching doesn’t boost anybody’s confidence no matter how much money was spent in fighting the melanin. Actually, it screams to the world how insecure she feels.

But well, I guess you can’t be called diva or expensive without all the coverups. Like Beyonce Knowles-Carter rightly pointed out…”Trying to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see”.

 Don’t even get me started on the hips and boobs enlargements, the effects and after effect…. what can I say?….we must BELONG!!!

Education, Employment, And Investment

 So February 2015 I was in Abuja briefly for business, I was opportune to meet with one of the upper house speakers from my constituency. As we got into a conversation a beautiful young lady comes running to him in tears.

 She tries to explain how biased and wicked the person she had just met is…. Ok! Long story short, this girl had gotten access to some top officials who had secured her a high-level job interview only for this babe to show up with fake credentials.

 I mean all fake, from the degree certificate to NYSC discharge certificate etc. Please don’t ask me how or what happened afterward because I wasn’t interested in that, I was just ashamed and heart broken.There are so many like that out there, they have slain their way through school, some drop out, then slay their way to the top but how much slaying can keep you there?

 A girl who doesn’t know to invest in herself, acquire a skill, start and run a business, get some education and further it if possible, can NOT be called expensive or a diva. All the clothes and makeup aside, after all, Diva means sophisticated, successful, career driven female professional.

Marriage And Relationships

Even the brothers know that pretty without brains does not always work. Wait!!! Is that why most “expensive girls” settle for mistresses, concubines, and side chicks? Of course, this works fine for way older men, they will just need you to shut up and be pretty lol.

On a serious note, no lady who knows her worth would settle to playing second fiddle to another woman no matter the bait. Forget Olivia Pope of Scandal, she is only a character of good fiction.

If you truly want to be the expensive sort after kind of girl you will need to put yourself to work, set your priorities right, plan, Invest in yourself, train yourself to be contented, submit yourself to authority, you can not be a good leader if you have not been a good follower. Develop good morals, Set towering standards, and firm principles.

 Discipline and respect yourself, you are a queen treat yourself as such, everyone else will comply. How do I know you will succeed? Because the majority are busy slaying away their future rather than investing in it.

Before we turn the leaf, let’s get one thing, straight gentlemen, the fact that you just met her last week, had a few talks and drinks on Wednesday, flirt with each other on Friday and she lets you into her honey pot on Sunday, does not make her cheap.

In fact, a woman’s worth and value have no relationship whatsoever with her vagina. We may crucify her for not allowing you do your thing… the chasing and earn your way to paradise. Oh yes, I totally agree with Steve Harvey, a man should work, prove himself worthy and earn himself the cookie. It is a slippery slope I know but a man who has genuine respect for women would understand and a woman who knows her worth would know better.

What do you think? Share your opinions by leaving a comment below, this may not be an all-inclusive research. So your opinions and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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  1. Very interesting topic, thankyou for posting. “The height of cleverness is to be able to conceal it.” by Francois de La Rochefoucauld.

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  3. Thanks for the share. I have learnt a thing or two from your posts. Great work.

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