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What His WardRobe Should look like

Your outfit announces not just your presence but the kind of man you are, most times at least. How you show up for a meeting or any event at that will determine how you are going to be treated or received.

Don’t get it wrong it is not arrogance on people’s part it’s just human nature. It is simply in our psychology.
I bet one way or the other you have consciously or unconsciously judged some one unfairly because of how they dressed.

Usually, this matter doesn’t necessarily bother a lot of men but so many opportunities have been lost because of a simple wardrobe malfunction.

Now, because we love our gentlemen, we would like to
show you what a perfect wardrobe looks like and how to make some good wardrobe choices for just about any occasion.

Basic Needs

1)Briefs And Inners

If you think you are too broke to afford good ones, try wearing a good shirt on a sunny day without an equally good antiperspirant.!

2)Pants, Chinos, Denim, And Shorts


These can be worn interchangeably depending on the styling and occasion. That said it is necessary to just have all. You may not always be in the mood for Jean nor pants.


3)Shirts, blazers, jackets, Polos And Vest



You all know you need no sneaking around it. I mean what would life be like without a good vest to flex those muscles in whenever you need to make an impression…lol. Or a quick change over from casual to professional when required. You don’t always have to be suited up. Avoid the temptation of being over dressed or under dressed sometimes.





Work shoes, Tom’s, Sneakers, boots, ….just name them…you need all.

5) Suits And Natives


You can not become more British than the British we know but there’s no denying how an amazing two piece or three pieces could turn you into the most desirable man in the room. And our very own traditional/native attire just can’t be over emphasized. There are just days you feel that vibe. Rock it baby! Rock it!!

7) Belts, Ties And Scarfs :

Sure you would say but who doesn’t own a belt? Actually no one. The question is how many? So here is a short story I know some one who’s closet is typically a boutique but this friend owns only two belts because he feels he doesn’t need more than two.

So he spends the night at his girlfriend’s and wears sweat pant home the next morning forgetting his belt. And at home, his friend already borrowed the second and was off.

So friend had to call us to order some belts after which he was already late for his appointment because of a belt!. Guys! Belts, ties…scarfs…a pair and a spare never hurt

8) Colognes, Perfumes And Deodorant:

There’s no preaching here and no we don’t intend to. We just want to remind you that these are basic needs. Do you know that most times your fragrance announces your presence before you step into the room?

Oh yes, it does! And if you smell bad you can imagine what happens when you finally step in. At least now you know why everyone is avoiding you lol. But on a serious note, nothing is as attractive as a man who smells good!.

N.B: Ladies help your men out. That is why they have you. Shop for him, guide him, style him if necessary it’s all part of the bonding lol.

So here is what we think…tell us what you think by dropping a comment below we are social.

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